The Auction Forecast Game
Earning Coins
The bidcoin game is currently in beta, and we will be rolling out more ways to earn coins and a detailed prize structure in the near future. If you have any suggestions on how we can make game awesome, please let us know. The amounts displayed below are subject to change in the future. We are still ironing out what the appropriate amount should be for each action.
One-time actions Coins
Sign up as a member 100
Become Level 2 verified 100
Repeat actions Coins
Outbid someone on a unit 100
Win an auction 100
How Betting Works
The auction forecast game is a way of betting on what you think an auction will end at. Anyone can play, even if you do not have a confirmed bidding account. You can bet any amount of coins you currently have, and if you are one of the closest bets when the timer runs out you will get paid out in more coins as detailed in the payout chart below.
Example - Unit 1234:
Final auction price: $105
Payout Chart
Bet Perfect guess Closest guess Second closest
1 coin 10 coins 5 coins 2 coins
2 coins 20 coins 10 coins 4 coins
20 coins 200 coins 100 coins 40 coins
X coins X x 10 coins X x 5 coins X x 2 coins
Bet Perfect guess
1 coin 10 coins
2 coin 20 coins
20 coin 200 coins
X coin X x 10 coins
Bet Closest guess
1 coin 5 coins
2 coin 10 coins
20 coin 100 coins
X coin X x 5 coins
Bet Second closest
1 coin 2 coins
2 coin 4 coins
20 coin 40 coins
X coin X x 2 coins
More details on the prizes coming soon. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see as a prize for point leaders, feel free to contact us and let us know!
Coins Leaders
This shows the current top 10 point leaders. You can see how many points you have in the top right of the screen under your username. Rack up the points and get into the top ten for your chance to earn some sweet prizes.
Coins Name
144,604,869 paradeoffools
4,231,900 txmlm12
1,339,000 Tuggie
908,100 SRT2013
859,000 Lwigger
692,299 Jgrahovac5
564,900 Corn
560,600 road runners
466,097 El Leon
449,100 Whats_in_the_box