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Type d’unité: Lien
Taille de l’unité: 5x10
Dépôt: $200
Taxe de vente: 6.750%
Temps de nettoyage: 3 Days
Lieu: Akron, OH
Téléphone: +1 (330) 615-6129
Mots clés
  • Table/Armoire/Dresser/Bed/Monitor/Totes/Robot/Bags/Decor/Books/Pictures
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Conditions générales de l’ientreprosage

Auction Terms and Conditions

1. This public sale is being conducted pursuant to Ohio Self-Service Storage Facilities Act for Occupants who are in default under their Rental Agreement.

2. To the best of Owner’s belief, none of the property in the space is subject to a lien superior to the Self-Storage Owner’s unless announced at the commencement of each Space’s auction.

3. The sale will be conducted by the authorized representative of company/auctioneer (or website) to be announced before the sale begins. This person will identify him or herself before each Space is sold.

4. The decision as to the winner of each sale, as declared by the person (or website) conducting the sale, is final and binding on each sale today.

5. Each of the spaces were opened before today’s sale by statute, the space has been inventoried and overlocked with our lock and then sealed with a numbered seal. The personal property in the space has not been touched and is still exactly as the Occupant placed them in the space. When the space was inventoried, the inventory may have been taken by standing outside the space and looking in. No goods were handled by Cypress Ellet Mini Storage.

6. * All items purchased today are ''as is, where is." Cypress Ellet Mini Storage does not warranty or guarantee any item purchased.

7. Buyer agrees not to rely on the inventory as a statement by Owner/Operator of the contents of the space or the condition or quality of the property in the space.

8. *All purchased items should be inspected prior to leaving the premises, especially items of furniture. Customers have been known to store illegal substances, so please check each item carefully. Cypress Ellet Mini Storage is not liable for any illegal contents removed from the Space by Purchaser.

9. All payments must be made in cash or money order prior to clearing the Space. NO credit cards.

10. * There will be a $ 200.00 deposit on each purchase (per Space / Unit). The deposit will be refunded when you leave the Space "broom clean," and our representative inspects the space.

11. The sale is final upon the auctioneer’s or person (or website) conducting the sale, declaration of the word “sold” and the bidder number will be identified.

12. The space must be fully and finally vacated by 12 p.m. on the Tuesday following the auction or the goods left will be deemed abandoned and disposed of by Owner in any reasonable manner and Owner/Operator will not be liable to any bidder for disposal of the abandoned property. You must work within our business hours, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. M-F. Appointments may be made but an administration fee of $50.00 / hour may be charged in advance to meet with bidder.

13. We will be selling Spaces in their entirety (no lots). There will be a call for an opening bid and the bidding will start from there until bidding appears to be concluded. The person (or website) conducting the sale will ask for a final bid once, then twice, and then, if there are no other bids, declare the Space sold to the highest bidder.

14. A reserve may be in place for each individual Space which will be announced prior to the opening of the bids for that particular Space.

15. To the extent required, sales tax will be charged in addition to the accepted bid price, unless you present a tax-exempt resale number.

16. A $10 sale premium will be added to the final sale price for each Space / Unit. Online Auction sites may charge an additional fee.

17. Sealed bids have not been made on the Spaces.

18. * Items of a personal nature found in the purchased Space or Spaces, such as wedding licenses, photographs, birth certificates, tax records, etc., are excluded from the sale. Buyer agrees to box or bag such items in a box or bag provided by the self storage facility with the Space number attached and turn said items in to the office before receiving return of buyer’s deposit.

19. If an auction is in-person, Bidders may not cross the threshold of the Space and you are not permitted to touch or move any of the items in the Space unless or until purchased by you and the sale is declared to be closed.

20. This form will be acknowledged as accepted by the bidder must be signed by you and turned into the public sale table located at the facility in order to receive a bidder number. No bids will be accepted from anyone who does not have a bidder number assigned today. If you are bidding in an online auction, you acknowledge acceptance of these terms and conditions.

21. * Owner reserves the right to bid on any and all Spaces.

22. * Owner reserves the right to end the sale at any time until the Space is “sold.”

23. During a live auction, Owner or facility manager may refuse to admit any bidder onto Cypress Ellet Mini Storage’s facility property and/or refuse to issue a bidder number to any prospective purchaser at Owner’s sole discretion. Agents, family members, or representatives of any person whose Space is being auctioned may be prohibited from participating in any aspect of the sale at Owner’s sole discretion.

24. As a visitor to our Cypress Ellet Mini Storage’s facility, please be advised that there are certain hazards at a Self-Storage facility, including but not limited to, uneven pavement, storm grates, and vehicles passing through the facility. As a result, in exchange for Owner’s agreement to admit you to the Self-Storage facility today, you hereby agree to release and hold harmless Owner, Facility Manager and their respective owners, shareholders, partners, members, officers, directors, employees, agents, managers, representatives, successors, heirs, and assigns, from any and all liability for any injury you may suffer at the Self-Storage facility today or for any loss you may suffer while in attendance at this public sale.

25. *You agree to release and hold harmless, Owner, Facility Manager and their respective Owners, shareholders, partners, members, officers, directors, employees, agents, managers, representatives, successors, heirs, and assigns, from any and all liability for any loss you may suffer to any personal property while at the Facility.

26. You further agree to indemnify the above-named released parties from any liability incurred as a result of your actions or activity at Cypress Ellet Mini Storage’s facility today.

27. The parties acknowledge the validity and sufficiency of the consideration provided in advance of the bidder entering Cypress Ellet Mini Storage’s facility today as good, valuable and sufficient consideration for the purposes of executing this release.

28. No photography or video may be made of the facility, the auction process or the items in the Spaces. If you purchase a Space / Unit, the contents are yours to photograph.

29. I have read the above-listed Auction Rules and agree to be fully and finally bound by all rules, regulations and releases contained in this information sheet today. If you are bidding in an online auction, you acknowledge acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Conditions générales des enchères

Cette unité dispose d’un 3 calendrier des jours de ramassage. Cela signifie qu’après la fin de la vente aux enchères, vous avez 3 jours pour vider entièrement le contenu de l'unité.

Cette unité dispose d’un $200 dépôt de nettoyage. Vous devez payer ce dépôt avec: Cash, Money Order, ou Certified Check, et afficher votre pièce d’identité avec photo et votre numéro de confirmation ou vous n’aurez pas accès à l'unité.

Cet entreposage accepte les types de paiement suivants pour le montant final de l’offre: Cash, Moneyorder, Chèques Certifiées

Veuillez noter que certains entreposages factureront des frais supplémentaires pour le traitement des cartes de crédit.

Veuillez noter que lors de ramassage du contenu de cette unité,, vous devez prendre rendez-vous avant votre arrivée.Les heures de bureau de cet entreposage sont: M-F 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. ,Other times by appointment


Veuillez lire ces points importants avant de placer une offre sur cette unité:

  • S’il vous plaît lire notre conditions de service.
  • Assurez-vous que vous êtes en mesure de vider complètement le contenu de l’unité dans la chronologie spécifiée.
  • Vérifiez que l’entreposage accepte le mode de paiement que vous avez l’intention de payer avec (pas toutes les entreposages acceptent le plastique!).
  • Les balises descriptives contenues ci-dessus dans 'Mots clés' ne sont qu’une meilleure estimation de ce que l’unité pourrait contenir en fonction des photos et de la vidéo fournie. Bid13 n’offre aucune garantie quant à savoir si l’unité contiendra ou non les éléments énumérés.

Si vous avez des questions sur l’un des ci-dessus lire notre questions fréquemment posées.

Si vous n’avez pas trouvé la réponse que vous recherchez, veuillez contacter notre personnel de soutien à